Natural English Post: " I am looking for source of an H.261/H.263 codec and MPEG " from

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Many standards and draft recommendations (including H.261, H.263, H.320, H.324), are available in

The H.261 spec is available in

For H.261 hardware, see item 85 in part 3 of this FAQ.

Current drafts of H.324 and related recommendations including H.263 are available in

Telenor Research have made available a complete simulation of H.263. See (BROKEN?)

An H.263 encoder library is available at (BROKEN?)

from Thierry TURLETTI <>:

IVS (INRIA VIDEOCONFERENCING SYSTEM) - X11-based videoconferencing tool for SPARC, HP, DEC and Silicon Graphic workstations.

ivs allows users to conduct multi-host audio and video conferences over the Internet. ivs requires a workstation with a screen with 1, 4, 8 or 24 bits depth. Multi-host conferences require that the kernel support multicast IP extensions (RFC 1112).

On video input, video frames are grabbed by the VideoPix, SunVideo or Parallax boards for SparcStations or Raster Rops board for HP stations or the IndigoVideo board for SGI IRIS Indigo workstations. or the VIDEOTX board for DEC stations. No special hardware apart from the workstation's build-in audio hardware is required for audio conference.

Video encoding is done according to the H.261 standard. The video stream can be encoded in either Super CIF (704x576 pixels) format or CIF (352x288 pixels) format or QCIF (176x144 pixels). Default format is CIF.

Sources, binaries & manuals are freely available by anonymous ftp from in the rodeo/ivs directory. An INRIA report describing this application is also available in the same directory.

If you ftp & use this package, please send all remarks or modifications made to <>. If you want to be added or deleted to the ivs-users mailing list, please send e-mail to

from Andy Hung <>:

Public domain UNIX C source code to do both image and image sequence compression and decompression is available by anonymous ftp:

MPEG-I*.tar.Z CCITT H.261(P*64)*.tar.Z


These codecs operate on raw raster scanned images.

A software program to display raw raster-scanned YUV images and image sequences on X grayscale or color monitors is provided by a program in*.tar.Z

If you are using the codecs above, we recommend that you ftp this file

over as well.

The source code has been compiled on DEC and SUN workstations. Caution: the P64 codec has not been tested compliant (any available p64 video streams would be much appreciated - please let us know at  The other codecs have been tested with

streams from other encoders.

We also have some IPB MPEG-I video coded streams in pub/mpeg/*.mpg; and P64 video streams in pub/p64/*.p64 that we have generated using our codecs.

For a more complete description see the file